Rotary Unions & Joints transfer different kind of medias, water, steam, air, oil, and hydraulic fluid from a stationary source to a rotating device, such as a drum or a cylinder or transportation rollers. They are used in process industries such as; paper, printing, food, rubber and plastics, textile and chemical. Rotary Unions & Joints are also used on cranes, machine tools and many other applications. Euler Rotary Unions & Joints are used to provide heating or cooling media like steam, hot oil, water or coolant to control the surface temperature of a drum or roll, to transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components or to add fluids to mixers while in motion.





Ball Mills, Blenders, Calenders, Conical Dryer, Double Cone Dryer, Drum Dryers, Extruders, Heat Exchanger, Hose Reels, Cookers, Kettles, Kneader, Lab Mixers & Extruders, Mixer (Baker Perkins)


Candy Mixers, Condensing Equipment, Screw Conveyers, Kettles-Steam, Cereal Cookers, Cereal Mills (Flaking, Rice and Shredding), Abattoir/Slaughter

Paper Manufacturing & Paper Converting 

Asphalt Coating & Combining, Ball Mills, Calenders, Carbon Paper, Corrugators, Embossers, Film, Insulation Machines, Laminators, Packaging Machinery, Presses-Sensitive Tapes, Roofing Machines, Waxers, Clutches, Chill Rolls, After Dryers (Tissue Machine), Machine Dryers, Press Roll


Chill Rolls, Feeder Hose-Ink water, Ink rolls, Central Impression Rolls, Ink Vibrators

Rubber & Plastic

Banbury Mixer, Cooling Rolls, Embossers, Heating Rolls, Lab Mills, Laminators, Mills, Post Calendar, Cast Film Extruders


Continuous Casters, Rod Mills, Walking Beam Furnaces


Backwash Dryers, Bleaching Rangers, Compressive Shrinking Ranges, Srying Ranges, Embossers, Laminators, Over Dryers, Pre-Dryers, Printing Machine, Weaving Mill, Synthetic Fiber Extrusion Equipment, Thermosol Dyeing Heat Setting Machines, Transfer Printers, Vapor Chambers, Singers


Banbury Mixers, Calenders, Extruders-Tubers, Fabric/Rubber Laminators, Lab Extruders, Lab Mills, Lab Mixer, Mills, Post Calender Rolls, Pre-Calender Rolls


Lapping Machine


Edge Rollers