Water Unions

Rotary unions may look the same, but Euler's engineers know that small differences in materials and design make big differences in performance.  That's why Euler's engineers test new materials and seals continuously.

The WS water unions have materials and a design developed thru lab and field testing.  The carbon graphite to carbon seals provide long service on industrial water applications, and exceptional dry running capabilities.  The stainless steel construction makes the WS unions a natural for food machinery, steel making, semi-conductor where stainless steel is required or desirable for its ruggedness

The WSX Silicon carbide seals are used for applications that may have contaminated water containing abrasives.

Benefits :

  • All wetted metal components are 304 stainless steel.
  • Directly interchangeable with most competitive water unions.
  • Easily field repairable.
  • RoHS Complaint.
  • Stainless steel elbows available for duoflow applications.
  • The industry best warranty, 3 Years.


 Media   Products  Size Range Max Pressure Max Temperature
  HOT/COLD Water  WS Rotary Union  3/8” - 2” 150  10.3   225  107
 WSX Rotary Union  3/8” - 2” 150 10.3  225 107
 Abrasive Application  WSX Rotary Union  3/8” - 2” 150 10.3  225 107



Duoflow Application:

WS/WSX Rotary Union + Duoflow Elbow